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Identification of potential obstacles to permitting and building 

Prior to building, site investigation reports are performed to determine whether site conditions are suitable for development projects. BV’s Site Investigation Report (SIR) Services team works with property owners, developers, and designers to investigate a variety of conditions, including site history, engineering, zoning, site development process, permit and impact fees, parking, utilities, and permitting. Our team meets with local approving agencies and/or municipalities to further research feasibility and completes detailed and accurate reports based on our findings.


Real estate owners, retailers, commercial lenders, and government entities benefit largely from Bureau Veritas’ focus on accuracy, reliability, accountability, and timeliness in performing construction services. BV’s integrated and scalable operational processes and technologies offer consistent, accurate information. From paving evaluations to roof assessments, BV’s services are performed by a national team with expertise in large-scale construction projects.  


Distribution Center Solutions

 Our commercial teams leverage technology to provide unbiased assessments & solutions for maintaining the assets in your portfolio. BV’s commercial real estate professionals have thorough Distribution Center Experience. 


At BV, our commercial teams have experience with 1000’s of distribution center assets and a deep bench of knowledge in asset management and project management; we are your solution resource

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Glass Buildings


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Ready to learn more about Disposition of a Property?

When all is said and done, sometimes it's time to downsize your portfolio and assets and BV has the team to prepare you for that process!

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