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Core Services for Energy Services

At Bureau Veritas, we employ our in-house expertise to help you prioritize your energy goals, become more energy-efficient, achieve your corporate sustainability goals, and, ultimately, uncover opportunities for reduced operating costs to save you money over the long term.


We developed Bureau Veritas Green Line Services and Solutions for energy with this, and many other, advantages in mind for our clients who are seeking holistic ways to implement, measure, and achieve best practices for a greener future. We can advise all commercial building owners on the specific things they can do to achieve ultimate efficiency and cost savings while also helping our planet. 


Some of our services include:

Why Are My Energy Bills So High?
Whether it’s the age of your equipment or lack of maintenance, operating systems can easily slip into underperformance or stop performing at all. Don’t be caught by surprise when your energy costs escalate! BV's Rich Compton explains that professional building commissioning is a much more cost-effective solution than putting a band-aid on what isn’t working. Watch the video below!

Glass Buildings


Sustainable Energy

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Our Asset Management Services are only the beginning of what Bureau Veritas can do for you! Explore our Real Estate Life Cycle here or have a look at our service listing here or have a look at our Project Management services and Commercial Services. For a more global view, please visit We look forward to building a world of trust with you

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