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Finance a Property

Acquistions & Finance Core Services

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Core Services for Acquistions & Finance

Bureau Veritas is a leading provider of environmental assessments with decades of experience and expertise.  

BV is widely regarded as the most scalable, consistent, and timely provider of Environmental Site Assessments for portfolios of all sizes, types, and geography. Clients count on BV’s national team of experts for gathering, reporting, and delivering information crucial to identifying and evaluating environmental conditions. Deep in-house expertise gives stakeholders timely access to information that can be trusted to make informed decisions.  

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  • Retail

    • Grocery

    • Restaurants

    • C-Stores & Petrol

    • Banking

    • Automotive

  • Hospitality

  • Real Estate & Construction

  • Data Centers

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Lenders & Insurance

  • EV Charging

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Markets We Serve!

  • Wide-ranging real estate and construction
    industry expertise

  • Record of thousands of assessments performed

  • Bureau Veritas provides guidance and best practices for managing your assets

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Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) allow buyers, sellers, and lenders to evaluate the condition of their property and assess potential risk.   

With decades of experience, a robust staff of technical experts, and the latest in data gathering and reporting technology, BV is widely regarded as the most scalable, consistent, and timely provider of PCAs for portfolios of all sizes, types, and geography.   

An essential part of any transaction, the PCA is performed to ASTM standards and can be customized for clients’ needs. Click here to read the latest ASTM E1527-21 Update and to download the brochure!

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The goal of our in-house land planning expert team is to meet your specific needs for multi-site, multi-state projects. With our broad geographic reach, BV reduces the difficulties and inconsistencies you may have encountered when dealing with numerous surveyors all over the country. Our subject matter experts have the expertise necessary to evaluate problems disclosed on land surveys and zoning reports and the ability to communicate those problems to you and assist in their resolution.

  • Broad geographic reach to reduce difficulties and inconsistencies often encountered

  • Extensive knowledge of land planning, surveying, and zoning

  • National team of subject matter experts and project managers

  • Scalable operational processes and integrated technologies

  • Efficient, cost-effective solutions & responsive service with quick turnaround

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