ASTM Standards

BV teams are subject matter experts in American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards for environmental site assessments and property condition assessments.

Our clients and others considering the use of the new E2026 Guide elements or adoption of the updated E2557 Practice should thoroughly understand the changes in both documents, the practical effects of these changes, and the impact that each change may have on the seismic risk management policies of their organizations.  We are already well ahead of the E2026-16a/E2557-16a curve, and we’re ready to help with an E2026-16a Key Revisions Guide that highlights and reviews the potential impacts that may range from minor to major for many users. (A companion E2557-16a Key Revisions Guide will be available soon.)


“ASTM’s E50.02 standards are intended to reflect current best practice and common use, which is why they are updated regularly. If you think elements of the PCA Guide could be improved, this Task Group gives you a voice in that process.”

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