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Organizations are challenged with ensuring sites comply with the federal civil rights law known as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as state and local accessibility code requirements.

Accessibility related lawsuit filings in federal courts continue to rise. With costly potential consequences, why are many property owners not in compliance with ADA?

Facility managers and property owners have some big challenges such as not having enough resources and an ever-increasing workload. The ADA is a complicated law, and state and local accessibility codes can be confusing. Full compliance can be expensive. Also, some facility managers may be operating under the false assumption that older facilities are “grandfathered” for accessibility which is not allowable under ADA law. Non-government, private entities were mandated to begin “readily achievable barrier removal” on January 26, 1992, regardless of when the facilities were designed, constructed, or renovated.

With limited time and resources, what are some of the ADA hot buttons that facility managers need to have on their radars? When prioritizing which accessibility barriers to remove, we suggest that facility managers first provide access to the facility from public sidewalks, public transportation, and parking lots. Then provide access to areas where goods and services are made available to the public. Continue reading our ADA Blog here!

Additional accessibility consulting information:


  • Highly qualified team with extensive accessibility compliance experience on all building types and occupancies

  • Nationwide presence with local knowledge as a result of local offices nationwide

  • Deep experience with Title I and Title II entities

  • Experience with Department of Justice (DOJ) compliance

  • In-house, dedicated ADA team with national coverage

  • Customized transition plans for assessments and compliance

  • Software programs to manage facility data collected during survey process

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