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Core Services for Construction Services

  • Retail

    • Grocery

    • Restaurants

    • C-Stores & Petrol

    • Banking

    • Automotive

  • Hospitality

  • Real Estate & Construction

  • Data Centers

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Lenders & Insurance

  • EV Charging

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Markets We Serve!

  • Wide-ranging real estate and  construction industry expertise

  • Thousands of real estate assessments performed

  • National team of subject matter experts

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Real estate owners, retailers, commercial lenders, and government entities benefit largely from Bureau Veritas’ focus on accuracy, reliability, accountability, and timeliness in performing construction services. BV’s integrated and scalable operational processes and technologies offer consistent, accurate information. From paving evaluations to roof assessments, BV’s services are performed by a national team with expertise in large-scale construction projects.  

Scalable + Technical Resources

Our employees have a long-term relationship with us—the kind of relationship that ensures compliance with company procedures, standards, and policies. We are more accountable for the work we do.

Project Management Services


BV’s dedicated Construction experts help clients plan and execute 1000s of projects per year. Expert teams of construction project management specialists provide local knowledge on a national scale for clients in a variety of sectors.

  • National team of subject matter experts and project managers with
    unparalleled experience

  • Scalable operational processes and integrated technologies, including our ProTrack proprietary software

  • Efficient, cost-effective solutions & responsive service with quick turnaround

  • Reputation for accuracy, reliability, accountability & timeliness

  • Superior client focus that consistently exceeds expectations

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BV Project Management Keys to Success



Our Core Program Construction  Services

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Project Management Home

Project Management Services 

Program Management

Project Delivery

All Bureau Veritas Building Assessments & Project Management Services


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From the Ground Up!




Ready to learn more about Project Delivery?

Project Delivery is the execution phase of any project. Above and beyond the performance of the actual work or construction, the make-it or break-it of a project delivery phase is in the management / monitoring of the work that is taking place.

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