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Core Services for Project Delivery 

  • Retail

    • Grocery

    • Restaurants

    • C-Stores & Petrol

    • Banking

    • Automotive

  • Hospitality

  • Real Estate & Construction

  • Data Centers

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Lenders & Insurance

  • EV Charging

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Markets We Serve!

  • Wide-ranging real estate and  construction industry expertise

  • Thousands of real estate assessments performed

  • National team of subject matter experts

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Project Delivery is the execution phase of any project.


Above and beyond the performance of the actual work or construction, the make-it or break-it of a project delivery phase is in the management/monitoring of the work is taking place. 


BV's Project Delivery Services

Schedule Management – Proactive & Ongoing schedule management – ensuring the right decisions, materials, and steps happen in the right sequence-  is one of the most important keys to success – as is problem-solving when they don’t. 

  • Cost Management – Increased material costs, unforeseen expectations, and change management all have to be proactively and continuously managed to keep projects on budget. 

  • Quality Management – construction and installation projects are dynamic. Quality has to be monitored throughout a project to ensure successful results. 

  • Stakeholder Coordination – The team of people and resources required to sequence and perform work can be complex even for seemingly simple projects. Responsibilities, actions, decisions, and accountability for every workstream and component has to be managed.

  • Communication – Most clients have store employees, executives, and people up and down the project supply chain that need the right amount of information – at the right time.

How any project is delivered, whether it’s simple equipment or compliance update or a new construction project, is dependent on many considerations – most of which are set in motion much earlier in the project:


  • Schedule – The speed with which a project needs to be delivered can be a huge influence on whether a project is a form of traditional Design-Bid-Build or an alternate Design+Build (Integrated) / CM-At-Risk type of contract. 

  • Budget – The tension with speed and quality is usually budget. One of the biggest values a strategic project management team can deliver is the management of quality/brand, schedule, and also ROI in terms of change management and cost savings.  

  • Risk Tolerance – All project delivery types inherently include tradeoffs in terms of the likelihood of cost changes, schedule impacts, or other risks. Tolerance for risk may drive the type of contract, schedule, and selection of partners. 

  • Client Expertise &/or Bandwidth – Project Delivery Contract types and execution are heavily influenced by how sophisticated or knowledgeable a Client may be or how much time they can spare to manage the project

  • Technical or Legal Complexity – A contract delivery may be influenced simply by how many vendors are required and/or how easy it is for a Client to execute a multitude of agreements versus having one Prime agreement

BV offers Solutions for all your Project Delivery Needs. 

Project Delivery

Our Core Project Delivery  Services

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