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Bureau Veritas
Asset Management Services

Bureau Veritas provides guidance and
best practices for managing assets


Facility professionals are tasked with asset management responsibilities for their organization. The asset management strategy you implement and maintain should bring alignment with the overall company (or agency) strategy, stakeholder requirements, and organizational-wide objectives to make sure facilities and assets are measured and managed.

Depending on your company or organization, asset management may include oversight of various assets, including:

  • Facility and Building System Assets (HVAC, lighting, roofing, etc)

  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E)

  • IT Assets (Printers, Copiers, Phones, Licenses)

The above assets make up a large financial investment and will require a tracking system that includes lifecycle, depreciation, and asset replacement and maintenance cost.  An asset management plan will assist with acquisition, operation, maintenance, renewal, and obsolescence planning for assets.

Facility Condition Assessments are imperative for facility owners and managers to better understand real estate portfolios and required capital planning. 
Expertise that spans multiple industries and building types allow facility managers to trust Bureau Veritas’ professional opinions and recommendations. Professionals with specific knowledge of the unique conditions of Government, Education (K-12 & Higher Ed), Private, Industrial, Healthcare, and Commercial properties are appropriately resourced.

Organizations like yours are challenged with ensuring your sites comply with federal, state, and local accessibility requirements, also known as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Through comprehensive assessments, evaluations, and close communication, our experts provide clarity regarding the complexities of the regulations and work with you closely to minimize the risk of costly litigation.

Facility managers are being pulled in so many directions that the idea of preventative maintenance feels impossible. The good news is that the computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) they already use to create, and track work orders can help.  

Achieve profitability through sustainability. BV’s approach to achieving energy efficiency results in highly accurate, reliable calculations that sets BV apart in the industry. At Bureau Veritas, in-house expertise is deployed to help facility owners prioritize energy goals, become more energy-efficient, achieve corporate sustainability goals, and, ultimately, uncover opportunities for reduced operating costs to save money over the long term.

AM Service

Unprecedented experience. Impeccable reliability.

Once upon a time, the Building Assessment and Project Management group was known as EMG (established in 1986). EMG’s reputation for simplifying the complexities of property ownership with accurate, impartial data was well-known.


Bureau Veritas' Building & Infrastructure (B&I) division has deep knowledge and experience across a range of industries, each of which has its own unique complexities. BV’s engineers, inspectors, planners, and project managers have attained years of experience within multiple markets, including hospitality, retail, commercial, lending, insurance, power & utilities, housing, education, and government agencies.


When EMG was welcomed to the Bureau Veritas family, service offerings were improved and scaled – and EMG became the Building Assessment & Project Management group. Together, all three business units: Asset ManagementCommercial Real Estate, and Project Management guide clients and projects as they make their way around the Real Estate Life Cycle!

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