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Core Services for Fleet Electrification Services

  • Retail

    • Grocery

    • Restaurants

    • C-Stores & Petrol

    • Banking

    • Automotive

  • Hospitality

  • Real Estate & Construction

  • Data Centers

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Lenders & Insurance

  • EV Charging

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Markets We Serve!

  • Wide-ranging real estate and  construction industry expertise

  • Thousands of real estate assessments performed

  • National team of subject matter experts

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full list of Markets!

Bureau Veritas is a leader when it comes to Fleet Electrification. BV's Fleet Electrification is being driven by innovations in batteries, energy solutions, and government regulation of transport pollution and Bureau Veritas is here to offer  EV Charging solutions.  

Fleet EVC Services

As EVC innovation becomes the new normal BV can assist with efficient fleet electrification program rollouts. Fleet Electrification focuses on light-duty utility & delivery vehicles, municipal fleets, bus fleets, rental car fleets, and much more.  

As a preferred strategic partner of EV charging deployments, BV can help implement the electrification of fleets. From site planning and design to routine maintenance inspection, BV’s best-in-class EV team can be a strategic partner.

Scalable + Technical Resources

Our employees have a long-term relationship with us—the kind of relationship that ensures compliance with company procedures, standards, and policies. We are more accountable for the work we do.

BV’s dedicated Program and Project Managers help clients plan and execute 1000s of projects per year. Expert teams of construction project management specialists provide local knowledge on a national scale for clients in a variety of sectors.

  • Extensive local knowledge on a national scale

  • National team of subject matter experts

  • Scalable operational processes and integrated technologies,
    including proprietary software

  • Efficient, cost-effective solutions & responsive service with quick turnaround

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BV Fleet Electrification

Fleet Electrification

Our Core Services

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Ready to learn more about our other services or meet the EV Charging Team of experts?

Our EV Charging Services have an established cross-divisional team experience for every step of the EV life Cycle.  Project Management services are a part  of what Bureau Veritas can do for you! Explore our Real Estate Life Cycle here or have a look at our service listing here or have a look at our Asset Management Services and Commercial Services. For a more global view, please visit We look forward to building a world of trust with you

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