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Core Services for Site Due Diligence & Commissioning Services

  • Retail

    • Grocery

    • Restaurants

    • C-Stores & Petrol

    • Banking

    • Automotive

  • Hospitality

  • Real Estate & Construction

  • Data Centers

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Lenders & Insurance

  • EV Charging

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Markets We Serve!

  • Wide-ranging real estate and  construction industry expertise

  • Thousands of real estate assessments performed

  • National team of subject matter experts

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Site Due Diligence Resources

The importance of Due Diligence is crucial to determine feasibility and requirements such as Site selection to identify and validate your sites based on your requirements, research, and demographics.


Site Acquisition is a necessary part of the due diligence process that uses all of BV's full-service real estate products that include due diligence, AHJs that can determine process and application requirements, BV partners to support YOUR RE team. 

Site Validation offers you and your team the support that you'll need to validate constructability and confirm easements, zoning, existing power sources, charging speeds, and network capability. 

Due Diligence Services

Permitting & Compliance Review

BV has a concise design review methodology that plays a crucial part in your build and in our peer/constructability review.  We have three levels of services that we'll conduct to ensure that all permitting and compliance is thorough;

3rd Party Plan Review: 

Plan review on behalf of the AHJ in lieu of traditional permit submittal.

  • Faster review times

  • Bypass busy AHJ backlog timelines

  • Only where allowed by AHJ

QAQC Review: 

Pre-check before submittal to AHJ.

  • Reduced revisions once in AHJ

  • Saves cost in redesign work & delays

  • Targets POT, Fire, Egress/Exiting, & ADA & general IBC (not site-specific ordinances)

  • Benefits either Prototype/Template level design or site-specific designs


Peer/Constructability Review

BV conducts a detailed design review for coordination of disciplines, constructability, value engineering, and code compliance:

  • Architectural, Civil, Structural, & MEP, Landscape, ADA & Green Building

  • Plans, Specifications, & Probable Costs

  • Recommendations for improved sustainability, consistency of work elements, verification of design criteria

  • Adequate details & instructions for biddability


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Recieve Design Package

Orientation meeting w/Stakeholders

Perform Design Review

Document & Record Comments

Review Responses w/Stakeholders

Site Due Diligence & Permitting & Compliance

EV Charging Services

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EV Charging Home

EV Program Management

Fleet Electrification

Routine Maintenance & Inspection

All Bureau Veritas Building Assessments & Project Management Services


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Electric Car



Ready to learn more about EV Project Management Services?

Detailed design review for coordination of disciplines, constructability, value engineering, and code compliance. 

Determine charging loads and power delivery. Determine micro-grid technology if applicable. Due diligence with local governing agencies and utilities to determine process and application requirements. 

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